Darwin's Mistake

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  • Darwin's Mistake
Darwin's Mistake

Antediluvian Discoveries Prove: Dinosaurs and Humans Co-Existed

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Yes, there were cataclysms (among them The Flood) in the course of history, but no, there was no evolution. The Earth's crust is relatively young and no more than a few thousand years ago; its poles were free of ice. Published in nine languages, this international best-seller puts the latest discoveries and new evidence against Darwin's 'Theory of Evolution'. The author, who owes his insights and expertise to numerous excavations he participated in, describes recent findings that -- in line with suppressed results of scientific research -- prove what seems unthinkable to us today: Darwin is wrong.

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ISBN 9781931882071
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Publisher Frontier Publishing
Book Author(s) Hans J. Zillmer
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