Natural Medicine For Children

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  • Natural Medicine For Children
Natural Medicine For Children
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This guide introduces the reader to natural therapies, the causes of childhood illness and the patterns of disease. It lays the foundation for a healthy and natural lifestyle, and gives advice on nutrition, exercise and family relationships. It applies Eastern philosophy to the Western way of life. Part One explains the Eastern concept of vital energy or "life-force". It tells readers how they can help their child build a healthy constitution, with advice on breast feeding, weaning and the contraindications of immunization. The detailed charts help readers to ensure that a child has a healthy and suitable diet, promoting vitality, wellbeing and the ability to fight off infection. Part Two presents the natural therapies: herbal medicine, homoeopathy, tissue salts, Bach flower remedies and massage. Part Three, "Treating childhood ailments", is divided into four sections: "Respiratory and mucous membranes", "Childhood diseases", "Digesion and energy" and "Skin problems and injuries". Each section tells how to treat the child's ailment at home, by helping to select a suitable therapy for both the child and the condition. The ailments treated include fevers, fits, earache, hay fever, coughs and colds. There is also a section on the childhood diseases, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox. The appendices list the useful medicines to keep at home and organizations to contact for further information.

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